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2012-07-27 12:55
  Changes made to the platform
- platform has been moved to a new, faster server;
- due to the employment of two experts, forum has been expanded;
- a new section for experts has been created; it remains completely under the experts’ control within the sphere of deleting and moderating posts and whole threads;
- whole forum will be moderated by the administrators and cleared of any posts violating the rules;
- users have been given a possibility of uploading pictures to forum;
- forum has been "pre-cleaned".
2012-07-27 12:22
  Controllers Map
We present a new function of the eSterownik.pl platform - Controllers` Sites Map. Any controller that has been shared and has the Installation site fields filled in will be shown on the map.
You can edit this information after logging in to the eSterownik.pl platform. For this purpose, edit the Your Controllers list, select the desired controller, click the `Edit` button and fill in the Installation Site fields. You can also pinpoint the location on the map with the cursor. If you do not wish your site to be visible on the map, leave the fields blank.

2012-07-27 12:19
  eSterownik Mobile for Android
We are pleased to introduce a dedicated application for boiler management by means of Android devices. The application is used to manage central heating boilers furnished with eCoal.pl or Bruli.pl controllers via either wireless LAN (WiFi) or the eSterownik.pl platform.

The link to the application: eSterownik Mobile at Android Market

Here are a screenshots presenting the application`s work:



The application is currently is in the beta testing phase and features basic functionality:
  • Temperature preview;
  • Central heating water and hot utility water presets;
  • Preview of graphs and alarms.

Software update:
  • Notification of a new version in the application`s main window;
  • Key parameter settings;
  • Advanced parameter settings;
  • Error correction.
2012-07-27 12:17
  Reliable Business
We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a "Reliable Business" certificate.

 The Reliability Certificate is an innovative tool of the National Debt Register. The idea is to promote businesses financially responsible in trade and to create positive images of the companies that use the certificate. It is a document issued to business organizations that have joined the Reliable Business program, use the services of the National Debt Register, and they are not registered as debtors.
2012-07-27 12:16
  SMS notifications

As a part of our efforts to develop the eSterownik.pl platform, we are introducing a new service: alerts and event notifications sent by text messages. During our promotion campaign, the account of each registered user will be credited 10 free SMS messages per month. You can accumulate up to 50 free messages. The promotion is valid until revoked. In the future, we will introduce the possibility of charging the SMS accounts at the expected total cost of PLN 0.30 per message.

To use the SMS notifications feature you should enter your mobile phone number in your account data and enable the feature in the controller`s settings.

From now on the controller of your boiler will notify you not only about alerts but also about the lack of fuel in the container.