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Forum  eCoal.pl v3.5  BT2A sensor - reaction to temperature change?? Subskrybuj
2020-08-08 09:02
  JonathanColton Posts: 0 Ostrzeżenie: 0
Hello, I have had a problem with this sensor for several days. It started with the lack of communication alarm.  I went to the sensor and wanted to replace the battery but after removing it from the wall and a slight movement of the battery the communication came back and everything was fine for about two days.  Today in the morning, the same lack of communication, the communication was back in a moment, but a low battery message appeared.  The sensor then showed the temperature above 20 degrees, although in the yard around 0. I replaced the battery, not branded but out of the box, now the temperature of 25 degrees has dropped to 12 degrees for over an hour.  Is he so slow to adopt or is it not just a question of batteries. 

The battery is actually a lame because I can see in the application that its level is constantly decreasing.  In the afternoon I will put some better ones, but can it look like this despite these batteries? 
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